"I love reading in bed, without my hands getting tired." 
          Michelle Fuleton, Melbourne
Kat Perdriau. 'The Book Club' Producer.
ABC RADIO, Southbank
"After breast cancer, lymphadema has been a constant nuisance to me. Not having to constantly hold up my book makes reading enjoyable again." 
          Annette Koetzier, Belgrave
"Nice comfortable reading rest that allows you to read wherever you choose. Adaptable to different reading positions, sized books etc. Not limited to reading at a table as you are with many other book holders."
          Lisa Bywaters. Arthritis Foundation, Elsternwick
"LOVE being able to read and eat at the same time. EXCELLENT!" 
          Val Smith. Librarian, Mornington Peninsula
"Love, love my book seat! My somewhat healed 'broken' wrist can rest and I can read pain-free now! Thanks heaps, awesome product!!"
Michelle Paton, South East Queensland.
We were very pleased to receive this thank you from UK cartoonist, Brian Platt.
Brian is all set, a good book, his Book Seat and a glass of wine. What more do you need!