BOOKLOVERS - “Better than I could have imagined!..."

 “You must get this! Love, love, love my little Book Seat. It is everything they say it is. Makes my reading even more enjoyable, not having to hold or balance my book. “ – JAR

 “This really takes the strain off my shoulders when I'm doing my marathon reading nights. And it frees up my hands so I can put them under the covers for awhile to warm up.” – Nora M. 

 “A readers MUST have. I love this item. It holds oversized soft cover books, hardbacks and even my eReader. The plastic plate is adjustable to fit all sizes. I can use on a table, on the arm of my chair (as bean-bag design conforms to any surface), and in my lap in the car. I love the pocket on the back where I can store my reading glasses and/or bookmarks.” – D. Williams

  This holder works for both my hardcover books and paperbacks.
I like that when I get tired I can turn on my side to read. Best thing I've found yet for the in bed reader.” – S. Verdon

 “Nothing better! The Book Seat works the best for me and with any size book. Adjustable and comfortable to put in your lap too. Love it!” – Donna R. Parslow

 “A must for those who read in bed. Whether you read traditional paper books, use an ereader or just catch up on Facebook in bed, this is a cool holder for your book or electronic device. Love it.” – Leah C. Fry

 “Relax read books. So nice to use for people who like to read.” - ghada

 “Better than I could have imagined! This little device is one of those things that you hope will work as intended but aren't really sure about. Well, for me, this little Book Seat is a real help. I still prefer paper books to electronic, and the structure and function of this book holder is really great. Whether a paperback or a hardcover book, the Book Seat holds the book so you don't have to. I use it to read in bed; it sits on the counter while I have my morning coffee; it's extremely lightweight.” – Bats About Beads

 “It makes long reading sessions much more comfortable and allows me to read in more places. As a daily book reader, this was worth every penny. It makes long reading sessions much more comfortable and allows me to read in more places. I have used this reading outside and in bed and had no trouble with it tipping over, even at the beginning/end of a book when it is unbalanced. The book seat is malleable so I can make it fit my lap when sitting in different positions. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves to read!” - amazonaficianado

 “I love my new Book Seat! Fits so comfortable on my lap! It's light and easy to carry! I recommend this Book Seat to any one who loves to read.” – Chris Ventura

 “LOVE LOVE LOVE The Book Seat! This book seat is seriously awesome! I got it as a gift from my family for Mother's day and this is the best thing ever! I can easily place my paperback or hardcover book in the book seat and just relax. No more holding the book open for hours when I get into a good novel. I have pinched nerves in my back and it made it hard for me to hold open books for long periods of time. The book seat solves that problem and makes reading very comfortable. In bed it sits very comfortably on my belly or next to me on bed and allows me to read without straining to hold the book open. LOVE this invention! So simple, but works like a charm.” – Nicole MacDonald

 “I love this and use it every day.” – Sue Ofner

“BRILLIANT!” – Kat Perdriau ‘The Book Club’ Producer ABC Radio, AUS

"After you get one, you wonder how you ever lived without one." Mary Warren, USA 

iPADS, eREADERS & TABLETS - “Perfect for my iPad! Great for sitting on..."

“Exactly what I wanted! A great item to be able to watch or read hands-free with an iPad or Kindle. Love the pattern -… I LOVE IT. Thanks.” – AZZUMAH

 “Perfect for my iPad! Great for sitting on the coach or in my lounger.
Second one we own, my husband loves his also. Thanks” – Alan R. Getzin

 “Received my Book Seat not ten minutes ago and am already using it to type this review with my iPad in its horizontal mode…Will be buying this Book Seat as Christmas presents this year and will recommend it to family and friends.” – Kindle Customer

 “Simplicity at its best! You need this! I love this! It's light weight, easy to insert my iPad, easy to adjust to the right height for lap or table usage. This will be a great Christmas gift for family members for their readers and iPads!” – Mary M. Smith

 “I use it every day! I got this for my 7 inch Samsung Galaxy. The Book Seat holds and positions it without me having to do a thing except plop it on my lap or on my bed. I can read anywhere at the right angle without using my hands. Paperbacks and hard cover books work equally as well. I can even play "Angry Birds" with no problem. If you need a book holder, this is great!! “ – be a Kat

 “LOVE. I have to admit I didn't think this would be worth the price. It was. I LOVE it. It is just what I wanted for my kindle. Does a great job of propping it. Would buy again.” - Mary

 ”I love it.
It holds my Kindle at exactly the right angle on my lap, a sofa arm, a table, or in bed.
I only need to lift a finger to push the next page button...otherwise my hands are free to sip a glass of wine or just relax.
I find I need to change positions much less often because my arms don't get fatigued.
The small pocket on the back handily holds my book light.” – Cindi Michener

´Love my book seat. I now have 2. I use a kindle fire and they are perfect. So much more comfortable to read now.” – Mary

 “Plop it down anywhere! This gadget is wonderful for my Fire. I can just put the Fire on it ... set it down any where ... and it STAYS put! Leaves my hands free for other things - like eating popcorn!” – BT MOM

 “Great idea! He loves being able to sit on the couch and read, without having to have a table to set his book on. He reads paper books and his Kindle equally” – R. Acoya

 “Love it love it love it. My hand was falling asleep holding my tablet to read at night. This works beautifully. Love it love it love it!” – R. Andrew Albright

“My main use for it however, is for my iPad. It makes all the difference between a sore neck and complete comfort. Thanks to whoever invented it – so simple and so effective.” - Morag

“I’ve given several Book Seats to friends who read, but now I have a gift idea for non-reading nerdy friends too!” – Lyn P.

“..[I] realised that my Book Seat is fantastic for using the iPad in bed!” – Lyn

“I’ve found your product to be an awesome ‘unofficial’ iPad holder. “– Allister H.

“…rest for the iPAd. I use it for that and it is perfect. Many iPad users would like to know about it because they are crying out for something to use to prop it up in bed.”- Vivienne S.

DESIGN, FEATURES & FUNCTIONALITY - “Fantastic book holder. What an amazing design..."

 “Versatile. I was surprised at how light this is, which makes it easier to travel with. I use it with my iPad and Kindle, as well as all size books -- big and small. Love how you can mold it to how you need it” – Stephenie M. Kenyan

 “Great item. Loved the way you could re-position the stuffing in it to fit your purpose. Loved the extra storage pocket to put pens, glasses and etc. Loved the way you could adjust the front to hold any thickness of book.” – nancy pick

 “Love the acrylic plate at the bottom…So adaptable and lightweight . Love the acrylic plate at the bottom which keeps the book open.” – JP

 “Fantastic book holder. What an amazing design this is. The book holder is extremely lightweight and malleable so you can shape it to fit anywhere--on your lap, the treadmill stand, a desktop, the kitchen counter,the corner of a couch,etc.--. Your book, regardless of size, stays put behind a clear plastic strip. You can even put your Kindle snugly in place. The bookholder stands on its own; you don't have to hold it up or prop it against something if you don't want to. You can loosen or tighten the plastic strip to accommodate a thin or thick book. Ingeniously, this plastic strip folds down so you can easily turn the page of your book. In the back is a little pocket to hold your glasses or a pencil. I was beginning to get a strained muscle in my left thumb from always holding a book open while I took notes with my right hand. Now, that problem is gone. I can't say enough about this product. It is fantastic!” – J. Kilmartin

 “Nice product. This was a Christmas item I picked out for myself for my husband to "get" me and it turned out to be one of my favorite gifts. I love reading in bed at night, and this is great for that purpose. It's a nicely made product, the material feels vey soft but strong. It's well-designed with the ability to easily push the page holder down to turn pages, but then snap right back into place. The bean bag backing allows it to adjust to anything it leans against, including different leg positions or pillows. I really like this product.” – Mary Clare

 “My book pal. The fabric is quality, the pattern fun, and the function of holding books and notepads is superior. I bought this as a gift but I want one too!” – D. Holland

 “Perfect for holding my books very large or small. This is an excellent product that I highly recommend. Comfortably sits in my lap or surface” – Paul

 “Love this! Use it for books and my I Pad. Very comfortable and versatile. Highly recommend this item, in any color.” – Anonymous Anasazi

 ”Does what it promises. Works well.” – Tamara Bright

PHYSICAL BENEFITS - "Perfect for a more ergonomic reading position. I....."

 "I love the Book Seat. I have problems with my wrists and hands but love to read. I used to prop pillows all around me to ease the longer. This book rest is tops!!! You don't even have to hold the book at all if you use the acrylic stop and it folds down easy for page turning.” - slsilveira

 “Hands-free reading is great when eating or simply snuggling on the couch and FANTASTIC for carpal tunnel sufferers.” – Darkly..Dreaming..Sci-Fi

 ”Very beneficial. I already have one and find it is very beneficial to not have to hold books due to my arthritic hands. So, this one was a gift to my sister, who recently had surgery and has called to thank me several times as she can still read while lying down.” – jacjill

 “Great help! This is a great help for holding my book with my arthritic hands. This is just what I needed to help me hold my books without pain.” - lorettegaylepierce

 “Helps with Arthritic hands. Best thing so far for tired, or problem hands. I use it with my Kindle and it is great as it takes the weight off my hands.” – Lee

 “The Book Seat is EXCELLENT!!! I cannot say enough good about this book has enabled me to read with arthritic hands. I use is much every single is well made and works with any size device or book. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.” - Kelly Smith

 Perfect book holder! This is the niftiest gadget I have purchased in some time. It does just what it promises to do whether you are reading at a desk or table, in a chair, or - best of all - in bed. If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or your wrists tire easily, treat yourself to one of these!” - Bernice

 “Prayers Answered! Its perfect. This is the most thoroughly satisfying purchase I have made in recent memory. I've got some issues that were making reading uncomfortable. 1) Arthritis - holding books open was painful. Now I don't have to! And, unlike other book holders with tension page holders that are extremely rigid and make page turning very difficult - this requires ZERO EFFORT. And it has admirably held up every book I've thrown at it.
2) Migraines - just using my eyes is sometimes painful. The Book Seat helps in two ways - a) I can put the book at the perfect height and angle so that my eyes, neck, and shoulders can relax. I was worried that the weight of the book would tilt the holder at odd angles - and sometimes it does! BUT - I can just squish the base and sides around a bit and can always get the angle back to right where I want it. Magical! b) The colour choices are great for sensitive eyes. I looked at all of the colors and found the one that was most relaxing to my eyes personally (the green), and when I am reading books, I don't notice the holder at all.

The way I use my Book Seat most often is on a table over my stationary bike. I can't tell you how much more exercise I am getting! And because the Book Seat isn't rigid, it's doesn't wiggle!

Also, it holds both my Nook and my Kindle just great!

I'm just in love with this thing. Can't say one bad thing about it.” – Tess Laws

 “Great arthritis or carpal tunnel aid. I have severe carpal tunnel, which makes my hands hurt and go numb when holding a book and turning pages. This holds the book firmly and the page is comfortably in place until I turn it and place the clear lucite at the bottom to continue. The perfect solution. You have to see it to appreciate it.” – pixie101

”Love this book holder! I purchased this book holder because I have arthritis in my neck and hands. If I put the book on my lap, my neck would begin to hurt. If I held the book so my neck wouldn't hurt, before long my hands would hurt. This book holder has eliminated all pain. The book stays in place with a clear plastic guard held in place with an elasticized cord. I merely lean the guard forward to turn the pages. For a student, this book holder would be ideal because whether they stood the book on a desk/table or held it in their lap, both hands would be free to write or type. It is filled with little Styrofoam beads so is very light. It also works well to read in bed with a couple of pillows propped behind me.” – Gwen Gunderson

 “I have a bad shoulder that keeps me from holding a book up. I love reading and this pillow is perfect” - Kare

 “Great for anyone with arthritis or carpel tunnel pain in the wrist. I bought this book holder because I had injured my wrist and had trouble holding my Kindle. It has been a godsend and I use it every day. It will hold any size book and also has a pocket for reading glasses, if needed. I put it on the arm of my chair and I'm able to read as I have breakfast, only needing to touch the screen to turn the page. I loved it so much that my sister wanted one so I bought another for her birthday. – g

 “Needed this! I really needed this. Just diagnosed with arthritis in the hands, and holding a book is one of the worst activities for me. I first used it on a small cheap Dover paperback, the kind with real tight binding and narrow margins, that you have to push all the way open to read the whole line. Second book is a ginormous hardback copy of Anna Karenina. The book seat holds either one! and room to spare, even for Tolstoy” – Regina Johnson

 “I have carpal tunnel and neuropathy in my hands and this device certainly helps relieve the pain of holding a book, which the book seat does marvellously!” - vbrev
“Thank you for a really thoughtful present, now I’ll be able to read again as I have trouble focusing with all the wobbling going on.” - Dianne - Parkinson’s sufferer

 “Perfect for a more ergonomic reading position. I developed some serious problems with my neck and quickly realized I needed to raise my book in order to read. Although I was initially hesitant about purchasing this, I could not be any more pleased. First, I like the size of it. It is not bulky and has a loop built in, so I can store it on the doorknob behind the bedroom door…But MOST of all, it holds my books at an excellent angle which I can adjust by shifting the inner pellets around. Paperbacks stay open and the acrylic band at the bottom will keep my place. Turning the page is easy once you get the hang of it. It works with all book sizes.” – mapmaker

 “Got this for my Mom who was in the hospital with casts on both arms. She used it to read on a kindle - it's the only way she could read (she still can't hold a book or turn pages) and she loves it!” – Pam Corwin

 “Wonderful product! I'm recovering from joint surgery on my left thumb, and this product has made it possible to enjoy reading easily!” – Rebecca Keebaugh

 "This item was recommended by a friend. I have arthritis in my hands and find it difficult to hold books, especially hard-cover books. I love it. I can read any book I choose and I even use it for my e-book. It's amazing how much easier it is for me to enjoy my favorite pastime.” – Wanda L Nelson

 “Great for reading in bed. My husband was bed-bound for a number of months and this thing really helped. It accommodated books, magazines, an iPad and had room for the remote to be handy.”- Carolyn Z

 “Love this product. I was beginning to get arthritis in my hands and it was getting difficult for me to hold heavy books in my hands and this is just perfect. And it also holds my iPad very well. Very good for anyone for problems like I have.´- S. Carter

 “Such a great helper. It's like having your very own assistant holding your book open so your arthritic hands don't have to. I decided to purchase a second so I don't have to carry it all over the house. Now if it could only brew my tea..” – J. Arica

 “Cannot live without this! I have tried a few others and must say the Book Seat wins hands down (pun intended). I have tennis elbow and cannot hold my books. I read a lot and without this handy item, I would not be able to do so.” – Karen Boudreaux

“…such a wonderful invention & I use it constantly, because of injured arms, it’s the only way I can read.” – Val

“What a great present! My arthritic hands say thank you.” Arthritis sufferer.

“I was a physical therapist… & The Book Seat has helped me tremendously with finger tingling and elbow pain. I find myself walking around with it whenever I carry my book or kindle.” -JoAnne

“Thanks 4 the help! – I had to write to you as soon as I received my new Book Seat. I have...severe back/leg pain & a right shoulder injury which makes it difficult to read as much as I want & when I want! The Book Seat is a wonderful invention & it will help a lot of disabled & elderly people…” - Jewelzped

“I have M.S…With The Book Seat … [I] no longer get tired holding the book (always seem to have heavy ones).” – Jean Kit Murdoch

“…I love The Book Seat!...I use it every day as it gets harder and harder to hold books.” – Nancy Vaughn

“After breast cancer, lymphedema has been a constant nuisance to me. Not having to constantly hold my book makes reading enjoyable again.” – Annette Koetzier

“...just what I have been looking for as I suffer from muscle spasms in my neck & shoulders.” – Shirley

AS A GIFT - "Would I buy it again? Yes, I would and I HAVE..."

 Would I buy it again?
Yes, I would and I HAVE.
After using it for a couple of hours I went back on Amazon and bought one for my daughter (who kept stealing mine) and my sister (who likes to read in bed).

LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!” – hereswhatithink

 “ I bought this as a gift for my sister and I liked it so much that I ordered one for myself. She is reading a paperback book at the moment and this book holder holds it very well, leaving her hands free to drink a beverage or whatever. I tried it with my Kindle e-reader and it worked very well for that also. I read a lot when I go to bed at night and the book seat made it much more comfortable to read in bed. I would recommend this to anyone whether they read paperbacks or use an e-reader.” – Charlotte

 “ I would get more as Xmas presents!” – Disgruntledmum

 ”Awesome product. I bought three of these for Christmas gifts (including one for myself). I later learned that my father was using the one purchased for his friend so I purchased another for his birthday. I can't remember how I read before I had the Book Seat.” – Marilyn A. Welling

 “Awesome. This is an awesome item! It's perfect for holding books, tablets, magazines. We bought two - and will buy at least 3 more in time for the holidays! HIGHLY recommend this!” – Alretcur

 “Handy gadget! Already had one, had to buy another for my wife. They're used mostly to hold our iPads while watching videos.” – Fred R. Entrinken

 “Always looking for different thing for my friends this met the ticket. When it arrived and I saw it I want one for my self. Great for people that want to read hands free.” – Kindle Customer

 “Perfect gift” – Amazon Customer

“...The Book Seat – it is without exception, the best present I have ever received! - Kit

“Such a clever and really lovely gift for anyone. Just something different and everyone who sees it loves it.” - Linda

“…My daughters found me the perfect present! Thank you.” – Gill

“My partner was so happy with his Book Seat he bought one for me, and I have persuaded several friends to buy one also.” – Chris Marsham

“I have just been given a Book Seat – and it’s terrific! I’d like to buy a couple for friends for Christmas.” – Amanda L.

“..a wonderful idea & find it so useful..” – Mrs Robin W.

“It really has added a final joy to what was the best birthday.” – Margaret G.

“My husband took one look and went out and got one for himself.” – Morag R

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - ”FANTASTIC!!! The Book Seat is amazing in bed, on a..."

 “I bought this because of a wrist injury which prevented reading in bed and it works for that. Now I use it anywhere I read -- in a chair, in the garden, on public transport -- and it's hands-free.” – bibliophile

 ”FANTASTIC!!! The Book Seat is amazing in bed, on an airplane, on car rides... just everywhere. I couldn't be happier with it!!!” – Amanda Dickson

“I love reading in bed without my hands getting tired.” – Michelle F

 “Perfect for a more ergonomic reading position. The Book Seat is very portable and I use it in all rooms of the house. It would be great to use on trips.” – mapmaker

 “No more getting hit in the face when I fall asleep while reading my Kindle. It's perfect for reading in bed, sits just right and is very light to rest on your chest. I also use it when reading in my recliner or if I am reading at the table. It works just about anywhere.My arms don't get tired from holding the book after reading a long time. Very happy with the Book Seat” – Sharon Motala

“I can knit comfortably with the pattern book sitting in The Book Seat on my lap.”

“Thank you for the very clever Book Seat. It is wonderful for reading & even works well when cooking.” - Linda

“I can assure you I am reading later & later because I am so comfortable reading in bed.” Jean

“LOVE being able to read and eat at the same time. EXCELLENT!” Val Smith

“A great device for someone who likes to read in bed but has a problem keeping their hands warm.” - Northeaster

ONE SIZE FITS ALL - “Holds heavy books too great..."

“Just get it! Whatever you're worrying about, forget it. I think I read every review on this item and thought, well, I'll just TRY it, I can always return it...
No! This baby is stayin with me!

The fabric is a soft moleskin or faux suede.
Yes, it holds up a kindle.
Yes, it holds up thick books too.
Ive used it on 700 page hard back books; it holds them just fine.

You'll notice a plastic "lip" at the front that can be adjusted to fit just about any width book (maybe not oversized huge text books or coffee table books but you get the idea) buy pulling the toggle. By the way, you don't need to lift your book to turn a page, just flip the plastic lip down and turn .Oilla” – hereswhatithink

 “Holds heavy books too great item” - Mickey

 “Love this little thing. Holds my books - hardback or paperback, Plus my tablet while laying down in bed” – Michael Mulville

 ”LOVE THIS! It holds my Kindle and books very well because of the very clever expandable plastic holder.” – fiberartist

 "Booklover. I love to read and always prop up my books with pillows. This is a great product. It even holds up my thick study bible. I was hesitant to buy this because I wasn't sure if it would be sturdy and comfortable to use. It is both. I am so glad I bought this, I love it.” – Lily

“I especially like it when reading a large book, as holding a large one sometimes hurts my hands. It has a little pocket that is perfect for glasses, pen, even a little flashlight. I'm very happy with it..” - Candice Jayne

“…most useful gift…I’ve had great pleasure using it, having had a 400page book from the library.” – Lorna Palmer

THANK YOU - “What a great invention. It really works.”

“I use my Book Seat at the table when I am eating my lunches…on my knee in the lounge reading in front of the fire, I use it in bed and keep my hands under the covers…because of the little pocket I always know where my glasses are. Love your invention, thank you.” – Barbara

“What a great invention. It really works.” – Amanda

“I think they are one of the best inventions I have ever seen” - Lyn

“…I would like to congratulate you on a very novel and practical product.” – Leanne

“Can you tell the lady who made it how much it was appreciated.” - Janene

“…what a fabulous product! You’re definitely another Australian success story.” - Renee

“Thank you for the very clever Book Seat. It is wonderful for reading & even works well when cooking. Such a clever and really lovely gift for anyone. Just something different and everyone who sees it loves it.” – Linda

“So wonderful to see innovation birthed from a physical need… and the courage to make that idea live.” – JoAnne

“Thank you, I am now the proud owner of a Book Seat!” – Roberta