Cleaning & Trouble Shooting


The Book Seat is made from a man made faux suede fabric.

Using a soft brush removes lint and animal hair.

Most marks sit on the surface of the fabric and are not absorbed, so it is easily spot cleaned by using a damp cloth.

For more stubborn marks, a gentle soap may be added to the damp cloth to spot clean any marks.

Trouble Shooting

Occasionally we have a query regarding The Book seat and the way it is used.

The images below will allow you to easily see the correct shape the Book Seat should be in when you receive it.


           Incorrect                           Correct

Replacement perspex

If you accidentally sit on your Book Seat, or step backwards while vacuuming (not that it should be on the floor!), causing the perspex holder to break, please do not panic. We understand that you love your Book Seat and help is not far away. Just give us a call or email and we will send you a replacement perspex.

It is very simple to replace yourself. Cut the looped end of the elastic on the Book Seat and slide the toggle off, then thread the elastic through the hole in the replacement perspex. Press the toggle button down while re-threading the elastic through the centre. Ensure that the toggle will grip the elastic so as to hold the perspex in place when needed. Once the toggle is re-threaded you can either tie a knot at the end of the elastic or sew the ends together.