Revolutionising the way we read, by physically enhancing the readers' experience.

Say goodbye to awkward reading positions!

Your hands-free support for books & tablet devices that you can use anywhere.

The Book Seat has been created to be the perfect reading support. The unique design of The Book Seat is similar to a small beanbag with a clear acrylic page holder, which allows you to relax and read in hands-free comfort, while reducing discomfort associated with holding books. 
It is suitable for supporting novels, hardbacks, tablet computers, magazines, electronic readers, puzzle books, and many others such as portable DVD players and hand held gaming consoles.
The Book Seats unmatched Australian design will mould and shape to sit at any angle on any surface. It can even be adjusted so you can read on your side. The Book Seat can be maneuvered so that it sits on the arm of your favourite chair, or almost anywhere!
A pocket at the back of The Book Seat is perfect to put your reading glasses in, pens, mobile phones or your favourite chocolate bar!
The Book Seat supports your tablet device in a steady orientation while allowing ventilating airflow at the back of your device. This can help your tablet run cooler than other supports which may restrict airflow at the back of your device.

The Book Seat has proved to be suitable for all ages and a favourite with:
  • People who love to read, especially for extended periods of time.
  • Tablet device users who read, Facebook or watch movies.
  • The budding Michelin Chef, as a recipe stand.
  • Academics while they study with their bulky textbooks.
  • The elderly, who deserve relaxed and comfortable, easy reading.
  • The injured or disabled, who benefit greatly from the stand alone ability of The Book Seat.
  • Mothers of infants, can now read during those night time feeds and still hold baby.
  • Travelers and holiday goers, who want to read in a hammock, on the go, camping or while in transit.
  • People working at a desk or computer, to hold their paperwork at an optimum level and angle.
 User Benefits
  • Elevating text can alleviate the discomfort associated with reading for long periods, at a desk, studying or simply indulging in your latest novel. This can assist in preventing neck and shoulder pain.
  • By holding the material for you, your hands and arms are free from strain and discomfort.
  • Reduces arm and neck discomfort when on your side, on sofa or in bed, as The Book Seat can mould and adjust to the perfect angle to meet your desired position.
  • Although not a therapeutic device, The Book Seat can aid in holding reading material for the person who has discomfort or physical difficulty in doing so.
  • Most of all, The Book Seat gives you hands-free luxury!